Landais Transports & Logistic TRANSPORT LOGISTICS


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strong focus of the LANDAIS TRANSPORT & LANDAIS LOGISTIC strategy and is reflected in:

  • Environmental actions:
    • A fleet of trucks complying with Euro 6 standards, which can significantly reduce polluting emissions,
    • The training of its driving staff in the eco-driving mode in order to restrict CO2 emissions,
    • Promote a multimodal mode of transport with the ferry to Great Britain on the Cherbourg / Poole and Caen / Portsmouth lines in order to reduce road trips and also promote respect for the environment,
    • The installation of LED lighting in all its buildings dedicated to logistics, aimed at reducing energy consumption.
  • RSE Societal actions:
    • The company maintains a relationship of trust with its historical customers and suppliers,
    • The implementation of actions on the welfare at work of employees showing a very low turnover:
      • - ergonomics: comfortable and safe vehicles
      • - adapted premises to the activities of the company ...
    • An employment policy aimed at supporting the employment and the quality of life of our territory by recruiting employees mainly from the Nantes or Cherbourg areas,
    • As responsible employers, LANDAIS TRANSPORTS & LANDAIS LOGISTIC recruit and train qualified employees who are passionate about their work for their company and their clients.